The CEF Community in Action Around Craig Deall and Foundations for Farming

By August 30, 2019 September 19th, 2019 Uncategorized

In July at our CEF 2019 Global Event, a cohort began to form around Craig Deall and his hard work to transform Zimbabwe and the continent of Africa through the methods of conservation agriculture. 

Craig and the team at Foundations for Farming have been enduring a long and difficult season in Zimbabwe as political and economic tensions rise. Their greatest need has been raising sufficient funds to expand beyond Zimbabwe into surrounding nations and to enable FfF to get involved in strategic commercialization initiatives. 

In just a number of weeks, the CEF community rallied around Craig to get him the personal financial support needed to move his focus from just Zimbabwe to taking FfF throughout Africa and the world. The CEF community is also helping identify commercial farming opportunities that could be invested in, apply FfF principles and generate significant crop yields that return a profit which sustainably perpetuate the ministry. 

We have been so encouraged to watch CEF members accelerating the impact of this organization and the poverty-ending results that are beginning to form from it.