Next Global Event

Park City, Utah, USA

July 21-23, 2019


If you’d like to join the waiting list for the 2019 Global Event, please email All event delegates will be asked to submit an application. If you have never applied to CEF, please do so here.

A True Forum

CEF hosts a world-class Global Event each year to connect the top industry leaders and experts from around the world with other individuals who are compelled to act upon the principles of God’s economy.

Unlike other events, the content of CEF events is inspired by the work and innovation of our own delegates, and these delegates drive the conversation throughout the event.

Registration for our 2019 Global Event is closed, but you are invited to apply for CEF at any time. Approval of your application would allow you to register for the 2020 Global Event and/or become a CEF member.

Features of CEF events

Interactive CEF event content is driven by participants. Rather than spending time in lecture-style-only sessions, engage in panel discussions where your questions shape the conversation.

Innovative content from the world’s leading Christian industry leaders. Exclusive CEF-generated content centered around relevant world issues today.

Intentionally organized forum groups designed to connect and encourage. Connect with delegates from around the globe in intimate small-group settings.

Highlights From the 2018 Global Event


At CEF Events:

Join a Global Community

Collaborate with like-minded leaders in different industries from around the world.

Participate in the Forum

Learn about global trends and issues with the network that aims to shape the future.

Take Action

Leave with new ideas, solutions, and connections to enrich your work in our world.

If you’d like to join the waiting list for the 2019 Global Event, please email All event delegates will be asked to submit an application. If you have never applied to CEF, please do so here.


I see that you have to apply for the event. Why is that? And is the application for the event different than the application for membership? Can I come to the event if I’m not a member?

CEF was created for high-achieving leaders and experts. We have an extensive screening process for everyone who attends our Global Event or wants to become a member to maintain our standard of high-caliber leaders.

The application for attending a Global Event and becoming a member is the same. Once your application is approved, you can register for the Global Event and/or sign up to become a member. You can attend the event without becoming a member, however, you still have to apply and receive approval.

If I’m a member of CEF, do I pay the full price for the CEF Global Event?

Yes. The membership and Global Event are separate. The registration fee for the Global Event varies from year to year. A single membership is $1,200 – learn more here

Can my family come with me to the CEF Global event? What about other employees/co-workers?

Spouses are welcome to attend Global Events as guests. If a spouse would like to attend the Global Event and contribute a white paper or be part of a forum, they will have to go through the application and approval process.

You may bring adult children or other young leaders, either as volunteer interns or as sponsored attendees who contribute content.

The Enterprise Membership allows you to add up to 4 other co-workers or family members to the same membership plan. Each individual would need to submit an application and receive approval in order to be added to the Enterprise Membership.

The CEF Global Event has had a tremendous impact on my personal life and business. I have several other people in mind who I think would also love it. How can I tell them about it?

We encourage all members to nominate high-achieving individuals. All candidates go through the same application process, regardless of who referred them. You can nominate someone here.