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We unite world-changing leaders to accelerate their impact.


What Is CEF?

The Christian Economic Forum is a network of high achievers with a higher calling, committed to advancing redemptive stewardship in every economic sector around the world.

CEF serves to accelerate your cause. Rather than promoting our own agenda, we seek to serve you as you fulfill the purposes to which God has called you. The CEF Network is made up of business leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, founders, and leading innovators from around the world.

The Membership

The Global Event has been the core of CEF since it began in 2011. As the event grew and our delegates expressed a desire for deeper, year-long connection, we knew we needed to take the next step. In 2018, we launched our Membership model.

CEF Members have access to the network of individuals and content throughout the entire year. The member community is designed to encourage, inspire, and challenge. Every member is a high achiever with a higher calling, compelled to take action in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

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The Event

We convene once a year to share ideas, build relationships, and encourage each other at the Global Event. Unlike many other events, the content at CEF is shaped by every person who attends.

Submitting a white paper is required to attend the event and over the course of 2-3 days, we host panel sessions and forum discussions where experts and industry leaders share their knowledge and experience on various topics. It’s a challenging and inspiring time together where everyone leaves feeling re-energized and focused on advancing redemptive stewardship in a broken and hurting world.

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The Process

The Global Event is member-only. In order to become a Member, all candidates must submit an application. Once submitted, our Member Care team will review the application and update you of your status within approximately 10 business days. If approved, you’ll have the ability to sign up for membership and register for the Global Event.


We hope you’ll consider joining the CEF community. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by emailing membercare@christianeconomicforum.com.