About CEF

“It’s a relational learning environment”
– David Wills, President Emeritus, National Christian Foundation


The CEF Network

Where the leaders shaping today’s world work together to advance God’s economy.


CEF began in 2011 as an annual event to bring the world’s top leaders and experts together to collaborate and advance ideas that work. A small group met in Jackson Hole, WY in the very same room the Federal Reserve would meet in weeks later. The attendees prayed for the leadership of our nations, discussed some of the most pressing challenges of the day, and left with encouragement and solutions to implement.

Since this first meeting, CEF has become a global platform for leaders to collaborate and introduce strategic ideas for the spread of God’s economic principles and the goodness of Jesus Christ.

In the years since its birth, CEF has grown beyond simply an annual event. We used to be a global event you went to. We are becoming a global network you belong to.

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Who Are We?


We are a network of people who believe that Jesus is Lord, His Word is True, and His purposes guide our lives.


We consist of generous experts and industry leaders contributing to the GDP of our respective nations through our work.


We are made up of individuals who are compelled to honor, work alongside, and share with others in order to accelerate collective impact for good.

Board of Advisors

Suparno Adijanto

Managing Director, Bumi Raya Group | Indonesia

Marissa Baragar

Commissioner, Busana Apparel Group | Indonesia

Chuck Bentley

Executive Director, CEF I USA

Doug Blumhardt

President & Managing Consultant, Business & Technology Consulting, LLC | USA

Tom Darden

CEO, Cherokee | USA

Dale Dawson

Founder and CEO, Bridge2Rwanda | USA

Bob Dickie

CEO and Co-Founder, Bonvera | USA

Valentine Gitoho

Founder, LEEDS Foundation | Kenya

Darin Owen

CEO, Style Eyes of California Pty Ltd | South Africa

Joe Panter

Chairman, Caddis Partners | USA

Timo Plutschinski

Director, World Evangelical Alliance’s Business Coalition | Germany

Charles Raymond

President, Raymond Construction Co., Inc. | USA

Rico Rieder

Director, Medical Center Maienfeld | Switzerland

Luke Roush

Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Sovereign’s Capital | USA

Jon Spear

Managing Partner, Hickory Street Ventures | USA

Dub Stocker

Founder, Lonestar Resources, Inc. | USA

Leadership Team

Chuck Bentley

Founder, Executive Director

Jay Hein

Director, CEF Network

Grant Webster

Platform Services

Lauren Spear

Program Manager