Our Mission:


Together We Are Stronger

The first CEF Global Event took place in 2010 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A small group of dedicated high-achievers gathered from around the world with one common purpose: to collaborate and advance solutions to the world’s greatest problems. 

In a world full of good and bad economic actors, this group was noticeably different. These were God’s economic actors. The common denominator in the CEF community is an unwavering commitment to advancing biblical solutions to the world’s greatest problems so that real, lasting, redemptive change results.

Since this first meeting, CEF has become a global platform and international community for leaders to collaborate and introduce strategic ideas for the spread of God’s economic principles and the goodness of Jesus Christ.


CEF is a global community of God’s economic actors joining forces to advance solutions to the world’s greatest problems. Every individual in this community holds an unwavering commitment to see real, lasting, redemptive change in the world.

Who Are We?


We are a network of people who believe that Jesus is Lord, His Word is True, and His purposes guide our lives.


We consist of generous experts and industry leaders contributing to the GDP of our respective nations through our work.


We are made up of individuals who are compelled to honor, work alongside, and share with others in order to accelerate collective impact for good.

The CEF community consists of members from across the globe representing a broad diversity of industries, expertises, cultures, traditions and backgrounds. We are united by our core values, shared faith, and a shared vision and mission for advancing God-inspired solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.