What Our Members Say

“[At CEF,] I feel energized as Christian to build God’s Kingdom on earth.”

Rico Reider | Medical Doctor, MCM-AG


Divine connections with like-minded people…”

Valentine Gitoho | Founder, LEEDS 


“Difficult to underestimate the value of being reminded that we are not alone in trying to be redemptive in our fields.”

Tim Macready | CIO, Christian Super


Core Benefits



A trustworthy community of like-minded peers. Our carefully vetted community of high-achieving leaders is a source of connections that you can confidently trust.


Meaningful connections: In addition to creating a trusted community, we want to provide tools and processes that allow you to easily form relationships with the people who will help you accelerate your purpose.


Exchange of opportunities within our trustworthy community. The CEF Community is a place where strategic opportunities can be safely presented and received knowing that there is a basis of shared values and purpose.


Action and collaboration. As a CEF Member, you can form purposeful action-oriented groups and present findings/results to our community.


Data and insights regarding the kingdom economic world. We’re curating the knowledge and wisdom of our global community and making it available to our members.


Opportunities to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and wisdom to a like-minded community that is eager to learn.

Core Features

$500 Annually

CEF Membership App

Our app offers a focused online platform where all CEF members can easily connect, exchange information, and get CEF-specific updates.

    1. Online platform exclusively for CEF members
    2. Get general updates on CEF member activities and opportunities
    3. Easily connect with anyone in our community

All CEF events are exclusive to members only. When you become a member, you receive access to register for any upcoming events, including our upcoming 2022 Global Event in Beaver Creek, Colorado. You can learn more about it here.

Personal Accelerator Map (PAM)

The personal, professional, and spiritual “blueprint” of our members. By responding to a series of intentional questions, we draw out easy connection points for each member and display them in a simple deliverable format that is easy for others to digest and remember. 

    1. Public or private visibility
    2. Use your map to identify strategic connection points
    3. Our team can use this tool to get to know you and intentionally connect you with other members
CEF Insights

Shared data and knowledge on the global Christian economic ecosystem including business incubators, investors, opportunities, key transactions, and leadership profiles. A source of wisdom and insights from our community.

    1. Curated knowledge and wisdom from our trusted community
    2. Share your own findings, ideas, or wisdom
    3. A growing source of data, trends, and insight into Kingdom Economics
Accelerator Groups

Collaborative cohorts founded on specific, action-oriented goals. With these, we are presenting opportunities to report findings and progress to the CEF community.

    1. Formed for a specific, action-oriented purpose
    2. Outcomes collected and distributed to our community via CEF Insights
    3. Gain momentum in your projects and personal areas of impact by forming a group
CEF Opportunities

Share opportunities with our vetted CEF community. 

    1. For opportunities that are non-transactional in nature (recommendations, meet-ups, connections, etc.) share freely on the CEF app. 
    2. For opportunities that are transactional in nature (business deals, investments, fund-raising, etc.), work with the CEF team to present them to the CEF community.

Our Community

High Achievers With a Higher Calling.

In a world full of economic actors, CEF members are different. These are God’s economic actors. They steward their callings, talents, wisdom, and expertise. They are generous, sacrificial, and eager to collaborate – radically different from the economic actors that we often find in the world. We call them high achievers with a higher calling.

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