Accelerate your impact.

Join the CEF network, where the leaders shaping today’s world work together to advance God’s economy.

“The risk of not committing to the CEF community is in slowly becoming lukewarm and losing my edge as a Christian in the marketplace.”

– Phil Clemens | Family Ambassador, Clemens Family Corporation

Member Criteria

The CEF Member is committed to the highest standard of excellence, aligned with the principles of God’s economy. The CEF Member Care Team works hard to maintain a quality membership network that furthers a member’s ability to carry out the tasks that God has called them to.

CEF members represent a variety of industries and involvement. They come from both the business and non-profit worlds.


We are a network of people who believe that Jesus is Lord, His Word is True, and His purposes guide our lives.


We consist of generous experts and industry leaders contributing to the GDP of our respective nations through our work.


We are made up of individuals who are compelled to honor, work alongside, and share with others in order to accelerate collective impact for good.

Membership Benefits

 Single MembershipEnterprise
(Up to 5 members)
Annual Membership Cost$1,200/yr$5,000/yr
Access to all Event Video Content (past and present)XX
Access to White Paper Content (past and present)XX
Opportunity to contribute content to the CEF networkXX
Personalized Member ProfileXX
Access to the CEF network and member directoryXX
Concierge service from the CEF Member Care TeamXX
Opportunities to join collaborative projects throughout the yearXX
CEF-Facilitated introduction to other membersXX

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You can read more about Member Protocol and the Code of Conduct here.


What are the qualifications to join CEF?

  • All members must be willing to publicly state that they are devoted followers of Jesus, are involved in an organization that is making a contribution to the gross domestic product (for-profit or not-for-profit) and are willing to openly engage and share in a collaborative environment.
  • All members must complete an application and be approved individually.
  • All members must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. You can review it here.

What are the criteria for maintaining a membership year after year? Do you have to attend a certain number of meetings, make a certain number of referrals, etc.?

In order to maintain your membership, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pay your yearly dues.
  • Maintain standards set in Code of Conduct.
  • Actively participate in CEF. We anticipate that this will look different for each member according to his/her ability to engage, but we expect all members to contribute regularly. Any of the following qualify as participation in the CEF network:
    • Attending a Global or Regional event
    • Hosting or attending a regional dinner
    • Submitting content, thoughts and ideas, encouragement, etc. to the network of CEF members
    • Engaging with other members to facilitate community
    • Participating in an Accelerator Group
    • Responding in a timely manner to all connection requests and introductions

I’m already very busy but interested in the CEF Membership. What sort of time commitment is this?

With the CEF Membership, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. We aren’t interested in being another networking group or just a platform to provide peer-contributed content. We truly want to help accelerate your impact and be part of solving the problems you’re addressing.

With that in mind, the membership is a commitment. We don’t have weekly meetings but ask that you be available to make new connections, provide new content, and participate in events (whether in person or online) throughout the year.

When does membership start and end?

Your membership begins the day we receive your payment and sign up form and automatically renews after 365 days. You will receive notifications leading up to your anniversary date to remind you of your automatic renewal.

Do I pay the membership fee monthly or annually?

Member dues are paid on an annual basis. You’ll be charged on the anniversary of your sign up unless you choose not to renew your membership.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please email

Can I get a refund of my membership fee if I am not satisfied?

To protect the data and hard work of our members, and to maintain the highest caliber of membership network, CEF does not issue refunds. Our members are asked to commit to the first full year of their membership and will be allowed to discontinue their membership when their renewal date comes.

In the Code of Conduct, members will agree not to distribute the personal data of other members during or following their membership.

Any violation of the Code of Conduct will result in the termination of all privileges without a refund of membership fees.

I love being a CEF Member and would like to sponsor someone else who is qualified but can’t pay the membership fee. How can I do that?

One of the defining qualities of a CEF member is a generous spirit and we want to make it easy for you to sponsor other members. You can learn more about member sponsorships here.

Do I have to write a white paper?

A white paper is a concise paper focused on a central idea that is both educational and inspirational.

Members are not required to submit a new White Paper every year unless they are attending the Global Event. Admittance to the Global Event requires the submission of a White Paper. Members are encouraged to contribute some form of content throughout the year.

What criteria does the Member Care team look for when approving or denying applicants?

The CEF leadership team carefully reviews each and every application by hand. Immediate criteria for approval are that the individual:

  1. Is a Christian – that they believe Jesus is Lord, His Word is true and His purposes guide their life.
  2. Contributes to the GDP of their respective nation through their work.
  3. Commits to honor, work with and share with others.

CEF looks for high performers who are deeply committed to Kingdom work. CEF is a network of experts and industry leaders who are people of action, not just ideas. Applications that do not reflect these characteristics will not be considered for membership.

Are only Christians allowed to become members?

Yes. Every member of CEF must agree to the following statements: Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. His Word is true. His purposes guide my life.