We convene the world’s top problem solvers to advance God-inspired solutions.

Global Impact.

We champion the world’s leading Christian problem-solvers so they can pursue actionable, God-inspired solutions together.

Aligned Partnerships.

By connecting high-achieving experts and leaders, God’s economic principles are advanced across industries, countries, and companies. 

Shared Best Practices.

A diverse community of experts share their wisdom, knowledge, and best practices with one another because we know we are stronger together. 

Extraordinary Impact Award


A Community of Problem Solvers.


A Community For Change

CEF is a platform that provides a relational learning environment where leaders and experts from around the world gather to discuss and address some of the world’s greatest challenges and most pressing needs.

CEF is not a networking group. It’s not a conference, a place for solicitation, or just another group to passively join. It’s a real community, solving real problems, impacting the world with real change.

“The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”
– Martin Luther

Join CEF

CEF is more than just an event you go to; it’s a global community you belong to. When you join CEF, you’ll receive the option to sign up for membership, and/or register for our CEF 2019 Global Event.

One application gets you approved for the entire CEF experience. Your degree of involvement is up to you!

“CEF has probably been the most influential collection of people and ideas in my life.”

Jon Spear, Managing Partner
Hickory Street Ventures

“Divine connections with like-minded people…”

Valentine Gitoho, Founder, LEEDS Foundation

“A profound gathering of influential and called people who are committed to what God has asked of them.”

Craig Coombe, CEO, Multiply Group

We Adopt Your Cause.

You work hard for the things you’re passionate about. CEF connects you with the resources and relationships to multiply your efforts and save you time. CEF does not have its own agendas, causes, or initiatives that we want you to support. Instead, our global network accelerates the causes, organizations, and solutions you’re passionate about.


We Value Results.