This week, our team is reflecting on the rich time we spent together in Park City. We are deeply grateful for the wisdom, insight, and vulnerability shared by our community and we hope that each of you returned home feeling recharged and inspired. 

As a reminder of a few highlights, we assembled the notes from Chuck’s recap on Tuesday evening to share his takeaways with you from each panel.

Panel Highlights

  1. How Do We Wisely Navigate the Era of Artificial Intelligence? We learned that we need to go on the offense with technology.
  2. Economic Outlook: Trends, Concerns, Opportunities We learned that human flourishing is a better metric than GDP.
  3. How Do We Expand Employment for the World’s Neediest? We learned that creating employment for others is a high calling.
  4. The Principles of Gleaning We learned that we need a higher standard of excellence to be able to support gleaning.
  5. How Do We Become Better Investors with Bigger Influence? We learned that we need to operate from a place of wisdom instead of fear, realizing that disobedience to what God is calling us to is the biggest risk, not making the wrong investment decision.
  6. How to Fulfill Our Kingdom Calling Within Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism We learned that we can have kingdom impact in every geo-political context when we are true to our identity in Christ.
  7. How to Find Healing in the Pain of Work Life Stress? We learned that the pain God allows in our lives enables us to love others more genuinely and deeply. 
  8. How Do Businesses Thrive in Hostile Environments? We learned that to operate in hostile environments, we need to earn a seat at the table.
  9. Unlocking Your Destiny We learned that there are two questions that will help us unlock our destiny: “Who are you, Lord?” and, “What do you want me to do?”


Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the 2019 Global Event!

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Best White Paper Winner

Every year, our delegates vote to decide on the best white paper. We were told by many members of our community that these white papers were the best we have had yet. Congratulations to Katherine Alsdorf for winning the 2019 Best White Paper Award!

“The Christian solution isn’t necessarily to work less, but to work for a different reason. The reason is LOVE. Out of the love we receive from the God who made us and who sent His Son to redeem and renew us, we seek to love those God has put in our lives.”


Password: Salt&Light

2019 Honorees

At CEF, it is our practice to honor people for who they are, not what they do. Each of our three honorees this year are examples of salt and light in their communities, and their impact at CEF is undeniable. Congratulations to our three 2019 CEF Honorees!


Becker Polverini


Valentine Gitoho


Luke Roush

Again, we are so grateful to each of you for the contributions you made to this event. We hope to see you next year in Israel for our 10-Year Anniversary!