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August 16

Jackson Hole, WY, USA

2011-2014<br><span>Jackson Hole, WY, USA</span>

CEF began in 2011 as an annual event to bring the world’s top leaders and experts together to collaborate and advance ideas that work. A small group met in Jackson Hole, WY in the Jackson Lake Lodge – home to the annual global meeting of the Federal Reserve Bankers.

The attendees prayed for the leadership of our nations, discussed some of the most pressing challenges of the day, and left with encouragement and solutions to implement.

Since this first meeting, CEF has become a global platform for leaders to collaborate and introduce strategic ideas for the spread of God’s economic principles and the goodness of Jesus Christ.

August 16



In 2015, we took the Global Event international and met in Singapore to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this remarkable island nation.

August 16

Durban, South Africa

2016<br><span>Durban, South Africa</span>

By 2016, the number of delegates had more than tripled since we first met in 2011. We convened in Durban, South Africa along the beautiful Indian Ocean and had a really special time together.

August 16

San Francisco, CA, USA

2017<br><span>San Francisco, CA, USA</span>

We continued to grow into 2017, when we hosted the Global Event in Silicon Valley, just south of San Francisco, CA. The event included tours of local technology companies and engaging forums on macro trends.

August 16

St. Moritz, Switzerland

2018<br><span>St. Moritz, Switzerland</span>

The beautiful country and people of Switzerland hosted us for our largest event to date. We deepened existing relationships, created new ones, and had an infamous yodeling contest. We explored what it meant to have Excellence in Everything and left with a newfound energy.

September 5

Membership Launched

2018<br><span>Membership Launched</span>

By 2018, we knew CEF had outgrown an annual event. The relationships, community, and content shared once a year needed to continue throughout the following months, so we created the CEF Membership. We believe that our members are already doing great work on their own. But when high achievers are united, the results are exponential. The ongoing experience of inspiration, knowledge exchange, and community helps to significantly accelerate the causes our members care about into a collective impact on the world for good.

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