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  • Don Simmons

    Don Simmons

    Don Simmons has been married to Amy since 1989. Their home is a hub of activity for their four child...

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  • Byron Johnson

    Byron Johnson

    Byron Johnson is Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. He is the foun...

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  • Charles Ma

    Charles Ma

    Charles Ma is a New Zealander of Chinese descent. He is the founder/CEO of Ma Development Enterprise...

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  • Chuck Bentley

    Chuck Bentley

    Chuck Bentley joined Crown Financial Ministries in 2000 and was unanimously selected by the Board of...

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  • Chris Maclellan

    Chris Maclellan

    Chris Maclellan serves as Chairman of the Board of the Maclellan Foundation, which was founded in 19...

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  • David Park

    David Park

    David Park has been a follower of Jesus since 1996. He was an investment banker before leaving to wo...

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  • Craig Hill

    Craig Hill

    Craig Hill is the founder of Family Foundations International ( This Chri...

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  • Craig Coombe

    Craig Coombe

    Craig Coombe is a founder and the chief executive officer of the Multiply Group, an international in...

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  • Danny Boice

    Danny Boice

    Danny Boice is the CEO of Trustify. He founded Trustify with his wife, Jen Mellon, out of passion an...

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  • Daryl Heald

    Daryl Heald

    Daryl Heald began his career in 1988 as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1997...

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  • David Wills

    David Wills

    David Wills joined The National Christian Foundation (NCF) in 1998. Founded in 1982, NCF is one of t...

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  • Rico Rieder

    Rico Rieder

    Since 1994, Rico Rieder has worked as a medical doctor. During 2001-2002, he and his family spent tw...

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  • Henry Kaestner

    Henry Kaestner

    Henry Kaestner is a Managing Principal in Sovereign's Capital, a venture capital fund with offices i...

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  • John Bentley

    John Bentley

    John serves as President and CEO for Retirement Advisors of America (RAA). RAA is one of the largest...

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  • Johan du Preez

    Johan du Preez

    Johan du Preez began his career in 1991 as a pharmacist in the USA (California). He specialized in t...

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  • Jen Mellon

    Jen Mellon

    Jennifer Mellon is the co-founder and president of Trustify, the first technology platform to connec...

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  • Jonathan Kontz

    Jonathan Kontz

    Jon Kontz is an entrepreneur focused on the strategy and leadership of companies entering high growt...

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  • JT Vaughn

    JT Vaughn

    JT Vaughn is a co-founder, vice president, and general manager at Industrial Heat, an institutionall...

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  • Kevin O'Neal

    Kevin O'Neal

    Kevin O’Neal researches and contributes to non-profits that are practicing integral mission and he...

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  • Levi Benkert

    Levi Benkert

    Levi Benkert is passionate about creating, funding, and advancing sustainable businesses in the deve...

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  • Luke Roush

    Luke Roush

    Luke Roush co-founded Sovereign’s Capital in 2012, and is a managing partner for the firm. While l...

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  • Matthew Lesser

    Matthew Lesser

    Matt Lesser serves as Senior Executive Manager of Ambassador Enterprises University. Prior to this r...

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  • Philip Clemens

    Philip Clemens

    Phil Clemens retired in August 2015 after 50 years working in the family business. He continues to w...

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  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins

    Robert Collins is Managing Director of TrustBridge Global, a charity focused on building a global ch...

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  • Robert Mayes

    Robert Mayes

    Robert Mayes is the Chief Executive Officer of Keel Point. Previously he was CEO and a founding part...

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  • Roland Decorvet

    Roland Decorvet

    Roland DeCorvet was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1965 to a Swiss Reform church pastor and a French...

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  • Suparno Adijanto

    Suparno Adijanto

    Dr. Suparno Adijanto is the managing director of The Bumi Raya Group of Companies headquartered in J...

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  • Thomas Blaisdell

    Thomas Blaisdell

    Tom Blaisdell is the executive director of private equity in the Center for Private Equity and Entre...

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  • Tricia Collins

    Tricia Collins

    Tricia Collins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Vice President of Philanthropy and Giver...

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  • Test User

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  • Bill Dascombe

    Bill Dascombe

    Bill Dascombe is a 59 year-old plastic surgeon who has a private practice in Savannah, Georgia. He i...

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  • William Norvell

    William Norvell

    Throughout the course of his career, William Norvell has spent over six years in Private Equity and ...

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