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  • Suparno Adijanto

    Suparno Adijanto

    Dr. Suparno Adijanto is the managing director of The Bumi Raya Group of Companies headquar...

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  • Marissa Maren Baragar

    Marissa Maren Baragar

    Born into a multicultural family, with an Irish- and Swedish-American mother and an Indian...

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  • David Beatty

    David Beatty

    Dave is passionate about helping advisors and their clients express their values through t...

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  • Levi Benkert

    Levi Benkert

    Levi Benkert is passionate about creating, funding, and advancing sustainable businesses i...

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  • Chuck Bentley

    Chuck Bentley

    Chuck Bentley joined Crown Financial Ministries in 2000 and was unanimously selected by th...

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  • John Bentley

    John Bentley

    John serves as President and CEO for Retirement Advisors of America (RAA). RAA is one of t...

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  • Russell Bjorkman

    Russell Bjorkman

    Russell Bjorkman is a Venture Partner at Sovereign’s Capital and is also outside general...

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  • Anders Torvill Bjorvand

    Anders Torvill Bjorvand

    Anders Torvill Bjorvand is a follower of Christ, husband, father, and entrepreneur. In tha...

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  • Thomas Blaisdell

    Thomas Blaisdell

    Tom Blaisdell is the executive director of private equity in the Center for Private Equity...

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  • Douglas Blumhardt

    Douglas Blumhardt

    Doug Blumhardt founded his consulting practice in 2006, after 30 years of successive corpo...

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  • Matthias Boehning

    Matthias Boehning

    Matthias K. Boehning studied business and economics with a specialization in development e...

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  • Jackson Boen

    Jackson Boen

    Jackson Boen is a senior executive with Health Care Service Corporation, the parent compan...

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  • Paul Bolte

    Paul Bolte

    Paul Bolte is the Executive Vice President for TrustBridge Global. He brings to TrustBridg...

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  • Nick Bonner

    Nick Bonner

    Nick is a founding board member of the Pinetops Foundation and has served on various board...

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  • Pepper Bullock

    Pepper Bullock

    John “Pepper” Bullock is a certified ICF transformational coach and a corporate educat...

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  • Tony Chen

    Mr. Tony Chen

    Tony Chen is Managing Director of Kinyungu Ventures, an impact holding company investing i...

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  • Philip Clemens

    Philip Clemens

    Phil Clemens retired in August 2015 after 50 years working in the family business. He cont...

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  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins

    Robert Collins is Managing Director of TrustBridge Global, a charity focused on building a...

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  • Tricia Collins

    Tricia Collins

    Tricia Collins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Vice President of Philanthropy...

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  • Chris Conant

    Chris Conant

    Spanning a 20-year career in marketing and software technology, Mr. Conant founded, develo...

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  • Kim Cooke

    Kim Cooke

    Kim D. Cooke, age 62, is the founder and Managing Member of Cooke, LLC, an impact investme...

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  • Craig Coombe

    Craig Coombe

    Craig Coombe is a founder and the chief executive officer of the Multiply Group, an intern...

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  • Emmanuel Dalavai

    Dr. Emmanuel Dalavai

    Passionate about cultural awareness and improving the multicultural literacy of his client...

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  • Tom Darden

    Tom Darden

    Tom Darden is the Chief Executive Officer of Cherokee, an environmentally focused investme...

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  • Bill Dascombe

    Bill Dascombe

    Bill Dascombe is a 59 year-old plastic surgeon who has a private practice in Savannah, Geo...

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  • Roland Decorvet

    Roland Decorvet

    Roland DeCorvet was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1965 to a Swiss Reform church pastor an...

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  • Christophe Dessaigne

    Christophe Dessaigne

    Christophe Dessaigne is the vice president of the Non Profit Portfolio for Ambassador Ente...

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  • Robert Dickie

    Robert Dickie III

    Bob Dickie was the president of Crown Financial Ministries for seven years. He stepped dow...

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  • Johan du Preez

    Johan du Preez

    Johan du Preez began his career in 1991 as a pharmacist in the USA (California). He specia...

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  • Kenny Ewell

    Kenny Ewell

    Kenny Ewell currently works for Medtronic in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he has lived wit...

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  • Ben Fischer

    Ben Fischer

    Ben Fischer is Founder and Managing Partner of Sonscope Capital, a strategic equity group....

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  • Michael Fox

    Michael Fox

    After graduating from Miami University, Mike moved to North Carolina to pursue a career in...

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  • Scott Friesen

    Scott Friesen

    Scott Friesen is the co-founder of Verdant Frontiers, a company that seeks to end poverty ...

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    Valentine Gitoho

    Valentine Gitoho is a financial and management professional with over 40 years of experien...

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  • James Gitoho

    James Gitoho

    James Gitoho is an architect by profession having graduated with a Bachelor of Architectur...

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  • Roy Goble

    Roy Goble

    Roy Goble is the CEO of Goble Properties, a family owned real estate investment company ba...

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  • Daryl Heald

    Daryl Heald

    Daryl Heald began his career in 1988 as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, Georgi...

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  • Jay Hein

    Jay Hein

    Jay Hein is the president of Sagamore Institute, a think tank he co-founded in 2004 with U...

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  • Craig Hill

    Craig Hill

    Craig Hill is the founder of Family Foundations International (

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  • Brad Hill

    Brad Hill

    Brad Hill is on the leadership team at Gloo, based in Boulder, CO. Gloo is the world’s o...

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  • Jeff Holler

    Jeff Holler

    Jeff Holler is the owner and founder of The Capital Chart Room LTD®. The Capital Chart Ro...

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  • Byron Johnson

    Byron Johnson

    Byron Johnson is Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. He i...

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  • Adora Elisapeta Jones

    Adora Elisapeta Jones

    Adora Elisapeta Jones has worked in Indonesia for over six years as an operator and shareh...

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  • Neal Joseph

    Neal Joseph

    Neal Joseph brings nearly 35 years of senior-level leadership experience in the corporate,...

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  • John K John

    John K John

    Was born in southern India but for most of my adult life I lived, studied and worked in Ch...

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  • Henry Kaestner

    Henry Kaestner

    Henry Kaestner is a Managing Principal in Sovereign's Capital, a venture capital fund with...

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  • Jonathan Kontz

    Jonathan Kontz

    Jon Kontz is an entrepreneur focused on the strategy and leadership of companies entering ...

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  • Alexey Krasnoriadtsev

    Alexey Krasnoriadtsev

    Alexey Krasnoriadtsev founded BankingON in 2017 with the purpose of building a technology ...

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  • Greg Lernihan

    Greg Lernihan

    Greg is the co-founder of Convergint Technologies. Started in the basement of a home in 20...

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  • Alex Lerza

    Alex Lerza

    Alex Lerza is Co-Founder and CEO of R|TRIBE. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapis...

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  • Matthew Lesser

    Matthew Lesser

    Matt Lesser serves as Senior Executive Manager of Ambassador Enterprises University. Prior...

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  • Baolerhu Ligden

    Baolerhu Ligden

    Baolerhu is a social entrepreneur with 10+ years in Strategic Planning, market entry for U...

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  • Rudy Lopez

    Rudy Lopez

    Rudy Lopez is the Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team-Español and the founder of ...

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  • Charles Ma

    Charles Ma

    Charles Ma is a New Zealander of Chinese descent. He is the founder/CEO of Ma Development ...

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  • Chris Maclellan

    Chris Maclellan

    Chris Maclellan serves as Chairman of the Board of the Maclellan Foundation, which was fou...

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  • Tim Macready

    Tim Macready

    Tim Macready is Chief Investment Officer at Christian Super, which he joined in 2005. He i...

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  • Daniel Mani Maren

    Daniel Mani Maren

    Daniel Maren is co-founder and COO of Hypernet. He previously studied computer science at ...

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  • Mike Mannina

    Mike Mannina

    With nearly two decades of international experience, including nearly twelve years serving...

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  • Robert Mayes

    Robert Mayes

    Robert Mayes is the Chief Executive Officer of Keel Point. Previously he was CEO and a fou...

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  • John McCullough

    Rev. John McCullough

    The Rev. John L. McCullough has worked for the transformation of communities around the gl...

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  • Brett McDonough

    Brett McDonough

    A career investor and business builder. Brett McDonough sums up his career path in one wor...

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  • Robert McGeorge

    Robert McGeorge

    Robert McGeorge has a background in business development and finance having worked in the ...

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  • Ben McLain

    Ben McLain

    Ben McLain founded Renova Ventures to serve individuals and organizations seeking to displ...

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  • Jen Mellon

    Jen Mellon

    Jennifer Mellon is the co-founder and president of Trustify, the first technology platform...

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  • Aimee Minnich

    Aimee Minnich

    Aimee Minnich serves as chief impact officer and general counsel of Impact Foundation. She...

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  • Andrew Moedinger

    Andrew Moedinger

    As an engineering leader at Google working across international offices in Seattle, Mounta...

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  • Xavier Morales

    Xavier Morales

    Since 1988 Xavier Morales has been president and owner of FXM Ingredients for Success, whi...

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  • Joel Morris

    Dr Joel Morris

    Dr. Joel Morris oversees the strategic and operational direction of Union Foundation. Joel...

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  • Al Mueller

    Al Mueller

    I grew up in a loving home with practicing Catholic parents, during high school a close fr...

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  • Kobus Nel

    Kobus Nel

    Kobus Nel joined Fairtree Capital in 2006 as a hedge fund manager and director. Soon after...

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  • William Norvell

    William Norvell

    Throughout the course of his career, William Norvell has spent over six years in Private E...

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  • Camden Nunery

    Camden Nunery

    Cam joined the the Keel Point team a year ago, with a blended background in finance and la...

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  • Kevin O'Neal

    Kevin O'Neal

    Kevin O’Neal researches and contributes to non-profits that are practicing integral miss...

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  • David Park

    David Park

    David Park has been a follower of Jesus since 1996. He was an investment banker before lea...

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  • Dave Parks

    Dave Parks

    Dave Parks founded Keel Point in 1998 as a unique multi-family office and investment firm ...

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  • Becker Polverini

    Becker Polverini

    Becker Polverini is a computer scientist with expertise in cryptography, intrusion detecti...

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  • John Putnam

    John Putnam

    I have an incredible wife, three awesome kids and a great new son-in-law! I’m an author,...

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  • Matthew Raines

    Matthew Raines

    Matt has spent the course of his career advising clients and institutions on their investm...

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  • Jonathan Reckford

    Mr. Jonathan Reckford

    Jonathan T.M. Reckford is chief executive officer of Habitat for Humanity International, a...

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  • Rico Rieder

    Rico Rieder

    Since 1994, Rico Rieder has worked as a medical doctor. During 2001-2002, he and his famil...

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  • Luke Roush

    Luke Roush

    Luke Roush co-founded Sovereign’s Capital in 2012, and is a managing partner for the fir...

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  • Joshua Samuel

    Joshua Samuel

    Joshua Madan is the Co-founder and CEO of the Covenant Group, which has interests in Human...

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  • Eliot Samuels

    Eliot Samuels

    With broad professional experience across EY and a $1B hedge fund, today Eliot Samuels lea...

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  • Christopher Satti

    Christopher Satti

    Chris Satti is a proud Rhode Island native and husband to his best friend, Corey, who he m...

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  • Don Simmons

    Don Simmons

    Don Simmons has been married to Amy since 1989. Their home is a hub of activity for their ...

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  • James Smith

    James Smith

    James Smith is a Sr. Strategy and Business Development Analyst at LexisNexis Risk Solution...

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  • Wayne Smith

    Wayne Smith III

    Prior to establishing Insight Wealth Partners in 2010, Wayne Smith spent 16 years as a CER...

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  • Robi Sonderegger

    Dr. Robi Sonderegger

    Dr. Robi Sonderegger is a clinical psychologist. Together with his wife, Noleen, they have...

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  • Greg Squires

    Greg Squires

    Greg is passionate about building healthy and growing organizations that bring about meani...

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  • Jake Thomsen

    Jake Thomsen

    Jake is a Partner with Sovereign’s Capital, a venture capital and private equity fund th...

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  • Carl Thong

    Carl Thong

    Carl is a serial entrepreneur. He founded the Sunstone Group (, a holding...

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  • JT Vaughn

    JT Vaughn

    JT Vaughn is a co-founder, vice president, and general manager at Industrial Heat, an inst...

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  • Drayton Wade

    Drayton Wade

    Drayton Wade joined BuMo3DR in Spring 2016 as the organization’s first full-time commerc...

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  • James Waters

    James Waters

    James Waters is the Director of the “Kingdom Impact Framework” at Eido Research, a Lon...

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  • David Wills

    David Wills

    David Wills joined The National Christian Foundation (NCF) in 1998. Founded in 1982, NCF i...

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  • Joanne Youn

    Joanne Youn

    Joanne Youn is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for TrustBridge Global. Sh...

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  • Cris Zimmermann

    Cris Zimmermann

    Cris Zimmermann is a social entrepreneur, investor, pastor, and lawyer. He was born in 198...

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