The CEF Community at Work in Indonesia

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Marissa Baragar on the Kingdom Entrepreneurship Academy

In her 2018 white paper, Marissa Baragar highlights the work that several members of the CEF community are doing through the Kingdom Entrepreneurship Academy (KEA), a leadership development model that is having a profound kingdom impact in Indonesia by building up a generation of leaders for Christ. KEA was founded by Dr. Suparno in a focused effort to “build and equip a community of Christ-centered business leaders who restoratively serve others in a sustainable way.” The principles and practices outlined in KEA’s model are transferable to kingdom-focused leaders anywhere. We are inspired by this remarkable initiative and the impact it is having on the lives of young business leaders in Indonesia.

Read Marissa’s White Paper


CEF Dinner in Jakarta, Indonesia

CEF recently teamed up with Dr. Suparno Adijanto as he hosted a dinner in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dr. Suparno convened a panel of expert business leaders to discuss “Defeating the Economic Giants in Our Society.” Like much of the world, inequality, corruption, poverty, hopelessness, and a myriad of other economic challenges are impacting lives in Indonesia.

It was powerful to see leaders gather and humbly discuss the challenges their society is facing, discussing ideas for improvement, and forming relationships that can accelerate the impact the body of Christ is having on Indonesia. 

There are many challenges that present themselves on a surface level but the group chose to focus discussion around root problems and solutions. Some of the highlighted issues and solutions from the CEF Indonesia event included:

Survival vs. Thriving Mentality
“How do we evolve our thinking in Jakarta from one built around survival to one built around redemptive and restorative work? The ‘survival’ mentality isn’t real or needed anymore and results in hoarding and selfishly driven behavior. A societal shift towards an abundance mentality will encourage people to create more solutions, focus on others, and reduce corruption.”

Tactical vs. Strategic
“So many solutions are tactically focused rather than strategically focused. Christian leaders need to ensure efforts are well stewarded and coordinated. We are better together and need to ensure we are thinking deeply and strategically about our challenges and not just fixing surface issues.”

Encourage Servanthood
Calling believers to engage in opportunities to serve the poor and do missional work could be a means of rediscovering abundance and re-center around others vs. self.”

Foster Proper Generational Thinking
“Much of the older generation is focused on i) becoming financially independent, and ii) not making enemies. We must move beyond some of this as an ‘ends’ and focus on empowering and equipping the younger generations.”

The participants of the CEF Indonesia event felt that focusing on these underlying issues and solutions would have a ripple effect across many of the surface level challenges such as corruption, inequality, poverty, and conflict between different groups of people. We are honored and excited to have members such Dr. Suparno who are helping accelerate kingdom impact in their communities and around the world.