Frequently Asked Questions

What would cause me to lose my membership?

Failure to actively engage in CEF, pay your member dues, or maintain the standards set in our Code of Conduct would effectively terminate an individual’s membership. This includes, but is not limited to, the explicit solicitation of your services, or goods, or business to other members. CEF will notify an individual before terminating his or her membership and any member dues already paid would not be refunded.

If I miss a Global Event, do I lose my membership?

No – the events throughout the year will keep you encouraged and help accelerate your impact but are not necessary to maintain your membership.

Will I be asked to work on a committee, contribute money, or have a CEF duty in addition to my membership responsibilities?

Making a donation to CEF beyond your membership fee is strictly voluntary. No public fundraising will ever take place at a CEF event.

We do require all members to be involved in some capacity. Members are not required to write a white paper every year (unless attending the Global Event), facilitate connections, or attend events just to maintain membership. However, as a forum, we expect all members to contribute, not only consume.

Do husband and wife both have to be members to attend the CEF Global Event?

No. If one spouse has been approved to attend the Global Event/is a member, the other spouse may attend with them as a guest. However, if the other spouse would like to contribute a white paper or be part of a forum at the Global Event, they will have to go through the application and approval process.

Can I transfer my membership?

You cannot transfer your membership to another candidate. Each individual must go through the entire application and sign up process in order to become a member and/or attend an event. This applies to business partners, staff, and family.

Can I change who is on my Enterprise Membership?

The Enterprise membership allows you to have up to 5 employees/family members on the same plan. Each individual added to the membership must go through the application and approval process. You may change the individuals on your membership at your renewal date each year.   

What portion of my membership is a donation?

Membership and event fees are not tax-deductible donations.
CEF is part of Crown Financial Ministries, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Therefore, any gifts made to CEF’s Scholarship Fund, the CEF organization, or to a specific CEF initiative are tax-deductible donations within the United States.  However, any payments made to CEF in which you receive a tangible benefit are considered fees for service and are not tax deductible. Examples of this include membership and registration fees.

What is the discount for members who attend the CEF Global Event?

When you sign up for membership, your payment is 100% applicable toward your 2019 Global Event registration cost. Executive members (40 and above)and Enterprise members (up to 5 members on the same plan) will be able to register for the event at no additional cost. Young Executive members (under 40, lower membership cost) will pay a lower registration fee for the event.

Is the content available in other languages?

Currently, CEF only publishes content in English. However, as the membership grows we will consider adding additional languages as needed.  

Will my personal information remain private?

Yes, all personal information, including your white paper, will remain private and available only to those within the CEF network. In the case that the CEF Member Care team or another CEF Member wants to use or promote your content outside of the CEF network, we will seek your expressed written permission.

If you’d like to publish the content you’ve contributed to CEF outside of the CEF platform, we ask that you reference CEF as the platform that originally hosted your work.

How do I refer or nominate other candidates?

We encourage all members to nominate high-achieving industry peers. All candidates go through the same application process, regardless of who referred them.

You can nominate someone here.