Code of Conduct


Members of CEF are called to exercise thoughtfulness, particularly in regards to confidentiality. This appeal is for discretion and integrity and applies to CEF events, discussions, online networks/community, social media, and member-contributed content.

Because of the sensitive nature of the identity of some our members, their initiatives, and businesses, the sharing or distribution of any CEF emails, login information, and/or other secure information is strictly prohibited.  

  • Events

All CEF events (global annual events and regional events) are private, by invitation only. To protect the privacy of our members and attendees, the content, discussions, and presentations at CEF events may not be distributed publicly (blog, websites, social networking) without prior approval. This applies to personal photos taken at the event, as the attendance of some individuals may be sensitive and compromising.

Members and event attendees are encouraged to share their enthusiasm for CEF on their personal social media platforms but are asked to refrain from posting pictures, quotes, or other content without prior approval.

  • Content

We are pleased to serve as a platform where global experts and leaders can share their ideas, insights, and solutions. However, attendees and members do not have permission to share, distribute, print, post, or duplicate any content from other members or CEF, unless given explicit permission from the author and CEF team. If you’d like to publish your own content outside of the CEF platform, we ask that you reference CEF as the platform that originally hosted your work.

CEF is committed to protecting the privacy of the authors for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that some of our members reside in challenging environments. All content you access as an attendee or member is confidential.  

Some public content (hosted outside of the member portal), images from events, and other collateral may be approved for personal use and sharing outside of the forum upon request.

  • Accelerator Groups (Members Only)

The nature of accelerator groups is to provide high-achieving individuals the opportunity to collaborate and act to solve the world’s greatest challenges. In order to protect the integrity of these groups and the individuals that make them up, the discussions held in the group may not be repeated or distributed outside of the group unless otherwise approved.

It’s possible that confidential material, trade secrets, and intellectual property will be shared in these groups. It is of utmost importance that no members repeat, share, or distribute that information outside of the group – during or after their membership duration.

  • Network and Relationships 

We believe that we are better together and are committed to connecting the leaders and experts that are shaping the world according to God’s principles.

CEF attendees and members are expected to honor their fellow delegates by respecting the policies in place for privacy and confidentiality, demonstrating courtesy and respect at all times, allowing others to openly express their ideas and thoughts, and to avoid conflict or personal criticism even when disagreeing. Distributing, sharing, or promoting another member’s personal data, professional information, contact information, family details, or other material is strictly prohibited.


CEF attendees and members are asked to be respectful and thoughtful of the relationships they build at CEF. While we want CEF to be a platform for delegates to share personal and professional successes, challenges, and plans, we do not tolerate explicit solicitation of services, materials, or products.

We want to see impactful relationships and connections occur through participation in CEF membership. We ask that sensitivity in solicitation be maintained when interacting with fellow members.

Unless individuals mutually agree, CEF prohibits members, attendees, delegates, candidates, relatives, or guests from soliciting, promoting, or selling investments, services, or charitable contributions to other CEF delegates during an event or to use their affiliation with CEF to harass or disturb other CEF members after an event.

Respect, Honor, and Integrity

While the personal opinions and convictions of CEF attendees and members will vary, all have the following in common:

  • Believe that Jesus is Lord
  • Believe that the Bible is true
  • Believe that God’s purposes guide our lives
  • Contribute to a healthy economy through industry transactions
  • Exhibit Christlike character
  • Are generous with our money, time, and words
  • Are compelled to honor, work alongside, and share with others

Personal Integrity 

Attendees and Members of CEF are chosen for their passion and commitment to live godly lives. They should live by a high standard in all of the following areas of stewardship that apply to their lives:

  1. Resource Stewardship – use your material possessions, including money, to honor God and bless others, no matter how much you have.
  2. Vocational Stewardship – use your profession to honor God and bless others; live as a witness to the Gospel and testimony of Jesus Christ.
  3. Enterprise Stewardship – use your position as a business leader to care for your employees, co-workers, business partners, and those you interact with.
  4. Environmental Stewardship – use your intelligence and awareness as a citizen of God’s creation to care for and protect the earth, environment, and its inhabitants.
  5. Gospel Stewardship – use your personal testimony and story of salvation to share with others and lead them to belief in Jesus Christ.
  6. Generational Stewardship – use your position as a parent, elder, leader, or individual in a position of authority to teach, inspire, and encourage following generations to know Jesus and continue to live out His principles in the world.

CEF members agree to protect and grow the network by only recommending other qualified individuals to join.

Active Engagement (Members Only)

Members of CEF are asked to actively engage with and contribute to CEF via content, accelerator groups, and the online member network. Members should be willing to share their ideas and be honest and vulnerable about their problems and challenges. CEF is a community founded on relationships and it is encouraged for members to bring other leaders into the network.

  • Content

Members are not required to submit a new White Paper every year unless they are attending the Global Event. Admittance to the Global Event requires the submission of a White Paper. Members are encouraged to contribute some form of content throughout the year.

  • Accelerator Groups

It is expected for members who are involved with accelerator groups to attend meetings and calls.

  • Network and Relationships

When a request is made to connect two members either by the Member Care Team or by another CEF member, we ask that members respond within 24 hours.

  • Events

Attendance of the Global Event is not mandatory to maintain your membership, but attendance is strongly encouraged. We also encourage members to consider to host a regional event, dinner, or other get together for CEF members throughout the year.

Full Disclosure

CEF members must disclose any potential conflicts of interest in postings and replies.

Violation of Code of Conduct

CEF takes the trust placed in us by our Members seriously and we believe it is important to protect our Members from “Bad Actors” or people who violate to the Code of Conduct. CEF adheres to a Matthew 18 process for discipline if a member violates the Code of Conduct. In the case that one on one reconciliation is not initially possible, first time offenders of the Code of Conduct will be contacted by a member of CEF leadership and will be given the opportunity to reconcile the situation with both parties. If the situation is not reconciled, the offender will be asked to meet with the CEF leadership team and the offended party. If the offender is still unable to reconcile the situation or create resolution, they will be “blacklisted” from CEF as a member. To be “blacklisted” means the offender will not be able to continue their membership, connect with other CEF members or have access to the CEF network or resources. CEF reserves the right to “blacklist” any member who violates the Code of Conduct.

All CEF attendees and members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. Failure to uphold these standards will result in immediate and permanent revocation of CEF privileges and membership.