Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek, Colorado

July 24-27, 2022


Important COVID Information

Unconditional Event Refund Policy
We sincerely hope and pray that there will be no remaining travel restrictions due to COVID in 2022, but we understand that there is hesitation to commit to future events, so we are offering an unconditional cancellation policy for the CEF 2022 event. Should we need to cancel next year’s event for any reason but particularly due to travel restrictions issued by the US government, group size restrictions, etc., all event fees will be fully refunded. Should you personally choose to cancel for any reason, your event fees will be fully refundable through May 1, 2022. Please note that membership fees are separate and are non-refundable.


We are pleased to invite you to join us for the 2022 Global Event
in Beaver Creek, Colorado July 24-27, 2022!

The CEF Global Event is a special time where delegates can gather to
connect, inspire, and engage with one another. We set aside a few days
every year to hear from one another in a true forum setting. Unlike
other events, the content of CEF events is inspired by the work and
innovation of our own delegates. Rather than spending time in
lecture-style-only sessions, you will engage in panel discussions and
small-group forums where your questions and concerns will shape the


Our annual, global event is a platform for leaders to collaborate with one another and to introduce strategic ideas for the spread of God’s economic principles and solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

As we all know, there are global challenges reaching far beyond the UN Global Sustainability Goals and beyond what is addressed by the World Economic Forum. These challenges require God-inspired solutions.

At the CEF Global Event, many of these issues — such as privacy, freedom, human dignity, justice, peace, hunger, and many more — are addressed in collaborative groups through a biblical lens.

Who Participates in the CEF Global Event?

The CEF Global Event is a members-only event. Our global community of Christian leaders and experts come together to accelerate the impact of the specific callings that God has already placed in the hearts and minds of CEF members.

The event consists primarily of senior executives of for-profit companies. In addition, it includes some representatives of non-profit organizations as well as developing leaders. All of the participants are pursuing God-inspired, marketplace solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

The CEF member community is a highly-vetted network of industry leaders and experts. Each member must be strong in the faith, pursuing a kingdom impact, demonstrating humility, interested in collaboration, and active in marketplace- based solutions.

You can apply to become a member of CEF here.


How is the CEF Global Event Different?

Our global event is unique because it is a participant-driven experience. It is unlike other events because it is not one that you simply attend. It is an event in which you participate.

Each day, we will spend time in mini-forums and in panel-sessions. All participants are matched into carefully-designed mini-forums where ideas and issues are discussed amongst each group. The panel sessions involve topics that are presented in white papers. The ideas are discussed by members with the help of a moderator.

There are no outside speakers at the CEF Global Event. This is what makes our event so distinctive. All forums, sessions, and panels are solely driven by the participants themselves because our members are the world’s best problem solvers pursuing God-inspired solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Each participant in the CEF Global Event will submit a white paper prior to the event. CEF white papers are an effort to apply biblical principles to the greatest challenges and opportunities facing our world and to learn from the collective wisdom of the CEF community. They also provide an effective way to learn about and to connect with others who have similar callings and interests. The content and panels of the CEF Global Event are derived from selected white papers and are shared within the CEF community before and after the event.


Please note: This is a sample schedule. More details will be provided prior to the event.

Opening Evening: Welcome / Social Mixer / Opening Session
Day 1:Mini-forums / Panel Sessions / Planned Outing
Day 2:Mini-forums / Panel Sessions / Banquet Dinner
Optional Day 3: Collaboration Day / Tours / Dinner
Deepen relationships with in-depth cohort discussion around specific topics and relax in the casual setting of local tours.


  • If you are new to the CEF community and have not yet applied, please click below to start the application process.
  • If you are not yet a CEF member but have already completed the application process, we would be happy to send you the registration link to sign up for membership and the 2022 event. Please email us at event@christianeconomicforum.com.
  • If you are already a member and would like to register, please contact us at event@christianeconomicforum.com.

You can apply to become a member of CEF here:



 Ticket Price
2022 Event Registration Fee
through November 30, 2021
2022 Event Registration Fee
December 1, 2021 - February 15, 2022
$2,200 (spouse tickets remain at $2,000)
2022 Event Registration Fee
February 16, 2022 - May 1, 2022
$2,400 (spouse tickets remain at $2,000)
Access to All Event SessionsIncluded
All Meals During EventIncluded

Note: Your event registration fee includes your meals, entertainment, and materials throughout the event. Once you complete your event registration, you’ll be directed to a page where you can book accommodations, transportation, and tour options separately.


If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to the Global Event, please click here. Please note that there are limited scholarships available for the 2022 Global Event.